Joseph Leary

Address: 801 Louisiana, Suite 700 Houston 77002 TX

Filings related to Joseph Leary

DateCompanyFiling TypeOfferedSoldRemainingExemption / Exlusions
2015-10-21GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form D$8,544,000$8,544,000006b[view]
2015-10-08GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form D$75,000,000$75,000,000006b[view]
2015-09-14GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form D$27,500,000$27,500,000006b[view]
2015-03-12GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form D$100,000,000$100,000,000006b[view]
2013-10-09GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form DIndefinite$57,000,000Indefinite06b[view]
2013-09-03GOODRICH PETROLEUM CORPNew Form DIndefinite$109,250,000Indefinite06[view]

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