Newest Filings

Every startup and investment company filing Form D's with the SEC when they raise money. A Form D filing contains:
  • - Amount of money raised
  • - Equity or debt issuance
  • - Industry category and company revenue range
  • - Company details including address and phone number
  • - Names and addresses of the executive officers and directors
  • - Information about brokers and their commission

On you can find daily updated list of Form D's for free.

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2018-06-228649 Freeway Drive, LLC$400,000$60,000
2018-06-22A&Q Metric SPC - Brilliance Long/Short SPIndefinite$4,000,000
2018-06-22AB Capital, LLCIndefinite$3,000,000
2018-06-22Actis Long Life Infrastructure A LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22Actis Long Life Infrastructure A LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22Actis Long Life Infrastructure LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22Actis Long Life Infrastructure LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22[email protected] Hill Investors, LP$24,300,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22AEGIS ASSET BACKED SECURITIES LLCIndefinite$22,343,529
2018-06-22AEW Value Investors U.S., L.P.Indefinite$102,600,000
2018-06-22AMIA CAPITAL MACRO FUND LPIndefinite$9,000,030
2018-06-22aMoon 2 Fund Limited PartnershipIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22Apposite Healthcare Fund II L.P.Indefinite$2,339,205
2018-06-22Arizona Healthcare DST$26,152,407$6,302,425
2018-06-22ARMOR CAPITAL PARTNERS, L.P.Indefinite$188,028,681
2018-06-22ARMOR QUALIFIED, L. P.Indefinite$263,840,931
2018-06-22ASCEND PLAZA FUND, LTD.Indefinite$125,000,000
2018-06-22ASCENSION GAMES, LLC$240,000$44,300
2018-06-22ASSISTED 4 LIVING, INC.$100,000$29,500
2018-06-22Autonomous Partners LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-06-22Axonic PG Structured Credit Fund LPIndefinite$86,480,000
2018-06-22Banner Oak Investment Fund, LPIndefinite$500,000,000
2018-06-22Bergstrom Funding LLC$200,000$200,000
2018-06-22Blackstone / GSO Secured Trust Feeder LPIndefinite$137,600,000
2018-06-22Blue Rock Liquid Alpha Fund, L.P.Indefinite$411,464,953
2018-06-22BLUE SKY URANIUM CORP.$6,236,575$485,804
2018-06-22Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies, LPIndefinite$93,510,545
2018-06-22Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies, LPIndefinite$384,168,162
2018-06-22BOULDHOLD 1 LLC$3,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22C-III Recovery Fund III L.P.Indefinite$471,700,000
2018-06-22CAP V Private Investors Offshore, L.P.Indefinite$168,350,000
2018-06-22CAP V Private Investors, LLCIndefinite$221,650,000
2018-06-22Cavalry Opportunity Fund, L.P.Indefinite$71,068,515
2018-06-22CCM Capital Partners Fund II, LLC.$50,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22CCP Outdoor Holdings, LLC$13,630,000$13,630,000
2018-06-22Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, Inc.$5,000,000$330,000
2018-06-22Cohen & Steers Preferred Securities Fund, a series of the Cohen & Steers Series LPIndefinite$121,938,181
2018-06-22Cohesion India Best Ideas Fund (Delaware) LLCIndefinite$4,000,000
2018-06-22Condire Resource Offshore Partners, Ltd.Indefinite$6,800,000
2018-06-22CreditWorks LLC$500,000$500,000
2018-06-22Crestline Summit (Offshore), SPCIndefinite$98,387,060
2018-06-22CS1031 Jacksonville FL HQ, DST$7,618,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22Cura Partners, Inc.$45,000,000$33,750,000
2018-06-22CWS SAGE CREEK, L.P.$5,000,000$350,000
2018-06-22Digital Reg of Texas, LLC$300,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22ECG-02KY, LLC$1,500,000$100,000
2018-06-22El Paso Apartment Portfolio DST$12,230,000$11,187,601
2018-06-22Entourage Commerce, LLC$42,500,000$32,500,000
2018-06-22EVR Opportunity Fund, LPIndefinite$24,172,530
2018-06-22ExchangeRight Net Leased Portfolio 20 DST$32,550,000$29,693,653
2018-06-22Expercoin, Inc.$26,500,000Yet To Sell
2018-06-22FEG Private Opportunities Fund IV, LPIndefinite$54,250,000
2018-06-22FieldVine, Inc.$650,000$100,000
2018-06-22Financial Insight Technology, Inc.$28,000,000$27,999,979
2018-06-22Flux Power Holdings, Inc.$4,000,000$1,260,000
2018-06-22FM FIFTH AVENUE FUND, LPIndefinite$58,837,190
2018-06-22FM FIFTH AVENUE FUND, LTD.Indefinite$63,960,186
2018-06-22FORT AMSTERDAM CAPITAL FUND I, LPIndefinite$21,625,000
2018-06-22Fresenius Medical Care East Aurora, LLC$2,786,401$2,786,401
2018-06-22FriendO Networks, Inc.$533,334$150,000
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