Newest Filings

Every startup and investment company filing Form D's with the SEC when they raise money. A Form D filing contains:
  • - Amount of money raised
  • - Equity or debt issuance
  • - Industry category and company revenue range
  • - Company details including address and phone number
  • - Names and addresses of the executive officers and directors
  • - Information about brokers and their commission

On you can find daily updated list of Form D's for free.

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2018-01-23806 West Adams, LLC$13,585,000$1,325,000
2018-01-23Alphadyne International Fund, Ltd.Indefinite$1,000,482,904
2018-01-23AnchorPath 7/4 Fund, LPIndefinite$2,820,000
2018-01-23Arnensee Diversifying Strategies LPIndefinite$515,000,000
2018-01-23Arnott Capital Opportunities Fund LPIndefinite$5,000,000
2018-01-23Arnott Capital Opportunities Fund LPIndefinite$5,000,000
2018-01-23ARROWGRASS PARTNERSHIP LPIndefinite$1,242,396,226
2018-01-23Barings Global Credit Fund (LUX) SCSp, SICAV-SIFIndefinite$3,250,156,884
2018-01-23Bella Coola, L.P.Indefinite$4,500,000
2018-01-23Beverly Investment Fund, LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-01-23Bitcoin Investment Fund, Inc.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-01-23Bravelane IV Holdco LLC$125,000$125,000
2018-01-23Bray Creek Partners, LLC$1,846,026$1,755,638
2018-01-23BREWSTER TOO PARTNERSHIP$663,000$237,580
2018-01-23Brightline Capital Offshore Fund LtdIndefinite$350,000
2018-01-23Brightline Capital Partners, LPIndefinite$103,001,262
2018-01-23BSRECP III Offshore US Origination Holding REIT, L.L.C.Indefinite$125,000
2018-01-23BTC II HOLDCO LLC$125,000$125,000
2018-01-23Build Capital Partners, L.P.Indefinite$416,801,153
2018-01-23Build Offshore Fund, Ltd.Indefinite$25,106,806
2018-01-23Bytemark, Inc.$12,999,998$6,700,561
2018-01-23Cascade Financial Technology Corp$1,500,000$1,000,000
2018-01-23Cascara Capital LLC$10,000,000$4,380,500
2018-01-23Cat Head Creek Partners, LLC$1,066,240$1,049,920
2018-01-23CCC-Flagstaff, LLC$125,000$122,000
2018-01-23Ceipal Corp.$1,250,000$1,250,000
2018-01-23CenterCore Corporetum Investment, LLCIndefinite$3,800,000
2018-01-23Centercore Destin, LLCIndefinite$2,900,000
2018-01-23Chautauqua Global Growth Equity QP Fund, LPIndefinite$18,383,174
2018-01-23Chautauqua International Growth Equity QP Fund LPIndefinite$67,458,984
2018-01-23CLEARVIEW PARTNERSHIP$1,135,882$1,135,882
2018-01-23Clothier Springs Capital Partners LLC$2,000,000$100,000
2018-01-23Co-Invest Fund 2B L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-01-23Coinme Inc.$200,000$200,000
2018-01-23Continental Realty Fund V, L.P.Indefinite$1,000,000
2018-01-23Corbin Private Credit Opportunity Fund II, L.P.Indefinite$60,400,000
2018-01-23CVP DD Liquidating Trust AIndefinite$19,048,990
2018-01-23CVP DD Liquidating Trust BIndefinite$28,171,585
2018-01-23CytoBioscience, Inc.$21,821,845$15,821,845
2018-01-23Dallas Cityplace MF Equity LLC$7,000,000$6,000,000
2018-01-23DART VENTURES, LLC$2,300,000$2,300,000
2018-01-23DCP China Credit Fund II Feeder I, L.P.$500,000,000$218,470,000
2018-01-23DCP China Credit Fund II, L.P.$500,000,000$262,200,000
2018-01-23Deca Capital Partners (Offshore), Ltd.Indefinite$300,000
2018-01-23DGAI, Inc.$500,000$285,000
2018-01-23Dinner Daily, Inc.$110,000$106,313
2018-01-23Diversified Investments - HL, LLC$1Yet To Sell
2018-01-23Diversified Investments - PH, LLC$2,750,000$2,250,000
2018-01-23DK17 LLC$2,150,000Yet To Sell
2018-01-23Element Digital Master Fund LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-01-23Ellis Brooklyn LLC$1,000,000$100,000
2018-01-23Endurance Capital Fund, L.P.Indefinite$17,204,933
2018-01-23Enduvo, Inc.$1,000,000$50,000
2018-01-23Epic Health, LLC$5,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-01-23Epiris Fund II (B) L.P.Indefinite$131,043,000
2018-01-23Fort Stewart-Hunter Military Housing Custodial Account, LLC$5,755,000$5,755,000
2018-01-23Freefall Aerospace, LLC$500,000$250,000
2018-01-23Genius Brands International, Inc.$1,776,000$1,776,000
2018-01-23GPV AM Side Car LLC$575,000$575,000
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