Newest Filings

Every startup and investment company filing Form D's with the SEC when they raise money. A Form D filing contains:
  • - Amount of money raised
  • - Equity or debt issuance
  • - Industry category and company revenue range
  • - Company details including address and phone number
  • - Names and addresses of the executive officers and directors
  • - Information about brokers and their commission

On you can find daily updated list of Form D's for free.

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2017-06-223RC/RHODES, LLC$1,270,000$1,180,000
2017-06-224C GPS II, LP$10,000,000$10,000,000
2017-06-22A-BJE-19-Fund, a series of AngelList-RM-Funds, LLC$339,585$339,585
2017-06-22ACS Medford, LLC$1,800,000$212,500
2017-06-22AIIC Group 12 Lender, LP$25,000,000$12,500,000
2017-06-22Alcazar San Pablo EB-5 Fund, LP$24,000,000$24,000,000
2017-06-22AMIA CAPITAL MACRO FUND LPIndefinite$5,000,030
2017-06-22AQR Offshore Multi-Strategy Fund XVIII, L.P.Indefinite$540,681,522
2017-06-22AQR Real Return Offshore Fund, L.P.Indefinite$709,875,200
2017-06-22AQR Style Premia PM Fund II, L.P.Indefinite$50,525,000
2017-06-22ARCTIC HEAT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.$350,000$75,000
2017-06-22Axcent Greenhouse Fund I, LLCIndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22BelVest Income Fund, LPIndefinite$25,675,359
2017-06-22Blackstone / GSO Secured Trust Feeder LPIndefinite$94,100,000
2017-06-22Blaze Bioscience, Inc.$5,000,000$554,000
2017-06-22Blue Diamond Non-Directional TEI Fund, SP, a segregated portfolio of Blue Diamond Global Strategies Feeder, SPCIndefinite$111,780,597
2017-06-22Blue Rock Liquid Alpha Fund, L.P.Indefinite$327,106,661
2017-06-22Bonhoeffer Fund, L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies, LPIndefinite$299,549,543
2017-06-22Bridge Multifamily & Commercial Office Fund III International-A LP$750,000,000$20,560,000
2017-06-22Brightwood Capital Offshore Feeder Fund IV-U, L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Brightwood Capital Offshore Fund IV-U, LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Broadoak Capital 2016A, LLC$4,120,000$4,120,000
2017-06-22Brookfield Infrastructure Debt Fund I LPIndefinite$283,500,000
2017-06-22Brookfield Infrastructure Debt Fund I-A LPIndefinite$283,500,000
2017-06-22Building DNA, Inc.$1,000,000$280,000
2017-06-22CAL Funding, LLC$10,000,000$250,000
2017-06-22CALIENT Technologies INC$12,500,000$1,309,895
2017-06-22CannaTek Holdings, Inc.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22CAPITOL HILL PARTNERS LLC$8,031,000$525,000
2017-06-22CaRE EB-5 Fund III, LP$9,000,000$500,000
2017-06-22COLUMBUS CORE PLUS BOND FUND, LLCIndefinite$411,453,473
2017-06-22COLUMBUS UNCONSTRAINED BOND FUND, LLCIndefinite$2,187,618,887
2017-06-22Concorde CEE Long-Only Equity Master Fund, Ltd.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Cota Capital L/S Onshore Fund, L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Crestline Offshore Fund, Ltd.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22Crestline Partners, L.P.Indefinite$14,979,991
2017-06-22Crown Equity Holdings, Inc.$5,000,000$1,000
2017-06-22DOKKIO, INC.$1,750,000$1,749,995
2017-06-22Duet Victoire Africa Index Fund - US Dollar Share Class ICIndefinite$6,530,000
2017-06-22East 54 Investor, LLC$12,300,000$1,825,000
2017-06-22FARWEST INVESTOR LLC$3,200,000$3,200,000
2017-06-22Grand Central Income Fund, LPIndefinite$7,569,588
2017-06-22Graphika, Inc$2,044,818$2,044,818
2017-06-22Graphika, Inc$2,000,000$1,000,000
2017-06-22HOUSESTAY, INC.$900,000$50,000
2017-06-22ICON AIRCRAFT INC$167,000,000$20,000,000
2017-06-22ICQ Opportunities Fund VR, LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22iintoo New Jersey One Wall L.P.$2,075,000$25,000
2017-06-22iNanoBio, Inc.$4,000,000Yet To Sell
2017-06-22Integrated Healing Technologies, LLC$2,500,000$850,000
2017-06-22Investment Partners, LLC - KCOE Ag Solutions FundIndefiniteYet To Sell
2017-06-22INVESTX SERIES 26 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP$10,000,000$123,750
2017-06-22J-B AGT Investment Fund LLC$4,325,000$4,325,000
2017-06-22JBG Fund #1, LLC$2,525,000$350,242
2017-06-22Joule Capital, LLC$3,000,000$2,300,000
2017-06-22K2 INVESTMENT PARTNERS LPIndefinite$50,192,770
2017-06-22K2 Piton Fund, LLCIndefinite$32,246,162
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