Newest Filings

Every startup and investment company filing Form D's with the SEC when they raise money. A Form D filing contains:
  • - Amount of money raised
  • - Equity or debt issuance
  • - Industry category and company revenue range
  • - Company details including address and phone number
  • - Names and addresses of the executive officers and directors
  • - Information about brokers and their commission

On you can find daily updated list of Form D's for free.

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2018-04-261992 Tactical Credit Institutional Fund, Ltd.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-261kx LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-262000 South Ocean Unit 204S, LLC$1,500,000$1,500,000
2018-04-262801 Associates, LLC$805,000$805,000
2018-04-26Abyss LTD$27,000,000$11,298,705
2018-04-26Amasia CIV S2, LP$2,383,200$2,383,200
2018-04-26AQR Global Risk Premium Fund L PIndefinite$734,696,832
2018-04-26ARS VII (Sidecar VII), L.P.$47,389,000$47,389,000
2018-04-26Attenua, Inc.$36,203,153$15,203,154
2018-04-26BATCH 22X LTD.Indefinite$350,000
2018-04-26Beavercreek 101 LLC$4,250,000Yet To Sell
2018-04-26Berkeley SkyDeck Fund I, LP$24,500,000$23,305,000
2018-04-26BigCommerce Holdings, Inc.$63,999,995$63,999,995
2018-04-26BIOVENTRIX INC$15,000,000$11,325,300
2018-04-26Bloomington LPIndefinite$3,395,465
2018-04-26Bright Greens, Inc.$1,000,000$540,000
2018-04-26Cigent Technology, Inc.$210,000$200,025
2018-04-26Cipher Surgical Ltd$51,318Yet To Sell
2018-04-26CNL Growth Properties III Feeder, LLCIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-26CNL Growth Properties III, LLC$35,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-04-26Coinswipe, Inc.$10,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-04-26CONTRAVISORY FUND LPIndefinite$80,639,940
2018-04-26Cord Media, LLCIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-26COVE CAPITAL MACRO FUND LtdIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-26Crowne Maybank Holdings, Limited Partnership$6,726,087Yet To Sell
2018-04-26CUREMARK LLC$3,000,000$1,675,000
2018-04-26CV 105 West First Street, LLCIndefinite$1,377,206
2018-04-26Data Plus Math Corp$4,500,001$4,500,001
2018-04-26Doyle Capital, LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-04-26DSAM Plus FundIndefinite$16,884,009
2018-04-26DSAM Plus Fund LPIndefinite$99,453,023
2018-04-26Earl Grey Capital, a series of Angel Deal Holdings, LP$227,250$227,250
2018-04-26Eckhardt Futures Limited PartnershipIndefinite$323,051,316
2018-04-26Eniac Special Gamma LLC$1,550,100$1,550,100
2018-04-26Envera Health, Inc.$4,000,000$2,000,000
2018-04-26Ephox Corp$3,999,999$3,599,999
2018-04-26EVA Capital Offshore Fund Ltd.Indefinite$860,000
2018-04-26EVA Capital Onshore Fund LPIndefinite$13,175,000
2018-04-26FAYER POINT FUNDS LP$20,000,000$5,400,000
2018-04-26Fig Publishing, Inc.$50,000$50,000
2018-04-26Fig Publishing, Inc.$100,000$13,000
2018-04-26FundRx Capsule 19, a Series of FundRx Master Fund I, LLC$70,000$70,000
2018-04-26GALVANIZE INC.$505,263$505,263
2018-04-26GC ROS, LLCIndefinite$360,000
2018-04-26GCA ENHANCED FUND, LLCIndefinite$4,370,000
2018-04-26Golub & Co Sponsor Fund, LLC$75,000,000$44,700,000
2018-04-26Graphite Capital Partners IX A LPIndefinite$35,514,200
2018-04-26Graphite Capital Partners IX B LPIndefinite$35,514,200
2018-04-26Graphite Capital Partners IX C LPIndefinite$35,514,200
2018-04-26Graphite Capital Partners IX D LPIndefinite$35,514,200
2018-04-26Guerrilla RF, Inc.$2,570,000$1,809,252
2018-04-26HDRC Limited Partnership$25,962,000$5,112,000
2018-04-26HDRC Limited Partnership$25,962,000$5,112,000
2018-04-26Horsley Bridge XII Growth Buyout Feeder, L.P.$600,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-04-26Horsley Bridge XII Growth Buyout, L.P.$600,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-04-26iCross Fund 4 LLC$6,000,000$6,000,000
2018-04-26iCross Fund 4 LLC$8,500,000$7,900,000
2018-04-26IDK Fund, a series of Angel Deal Holdings, LP$288,000$288,000
2018-04-26International Maritime Security Associates Inc.$667,000$167,000
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