Newest Filings

Every startup and investment company filing Form D's with the SEC when they raise money. A Form D filing contains:
  • - Amount of money raised
  • - Equity or debt issuance
  • - Industry category and company revenue range
  • - Company details including address and phone number
  • - Names and addresses of the executive officers and directors
  • - Information about brokers and their commission

On you can find daily updated list of Form D's for free.

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2018-05-25A-Squared Domino Opportunity II, L.P.$28,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25Acasti Pharma Inc.$837,546$372,637
2018-05-25Accommodations Plus Technologies Holdings LLC$59,540,693$59,540,693
2018-05-25Aevitas Partners LLC$3,150,000$3,150,000
2018-05-25AG Direct Lending Fund (TX), L.P.Indefinite$440,195,576
2018-05-25AIM US$ Liquid Impact Fund LLCIndefinite$29,000,000
2018-05-25Akoustis Technologies, Inc.$15,000,000$15,000,000
2018-05-25Akoustis, Inc.$15,000,000$15,000,000
2018-05-25Algebris (Luxembourg) SCA SICAV-SIFIndefinite$783,375
2018-05-25Algebris Financial Equity FundIndefinite$274,140
2018-05-25ALLAGI Inc$140,000$140,000
2018-05-25Altos Korea Opportunity Fund 3, L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25Amvona Fund, LPIndefinite$10,653,970
2018-05-25API Investment LLC$23,340,693$23,340,693
2018-05-25API Investment Parallel LLC$23,340,693$23,340,693
2018-05-25Aptorum Group Ltd$10,000,000$1,600,400
2018-05-25Baird Principal Group Partners Fund II Limited Partnership$75,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25Ballista Capital, L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25BDR KIRKLAND XI LLC$800,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25BERENS GLOBAL VALUE FUND, LTD.Indefinite$457,578,919
2018-05-25Berkeley Alternative Income Fund I, LLC$15,000,000$10,900,000
2018-05-25Black Dog Brewing Co LP$997,500$180,000
2018-05-25BT HOLDINGS, INC.$25,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25Buildpulse Inc.$900,000$755,427
2018-05-25CAM Capital 356 LLC$1,440,000$150,000
2018-05-25CAM Investment 355 LLC$17,500,000$750,000
2018-05-25CARITAS ROYALTIES FUND (BERMUDA) LTD.Indefinite$40,082,068
2018-05-25CARITAS ROYALTY FUND LLCIndefinite$26,128,409
2018-05-25Carlyle Partners VII, L.P.Indefinite$16,261,203,250
2018-05-25Cascade Financial Networks SPC$400,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25CEIF LLCIndefinite$841,816,932
2018-05-25CEIF Partners LLCIndefinite$743,890,076
2018-05-25CleanSlate Centers, Inc.$25,000,000$25,000,000
2018-05-25Coastal Realty Capital, LLC$285,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25Collaborative IV, L.P.$100,000,000$98,000,000
2018-05-25CORCENTRIC, INC.$1,200,000$1,200,000
2018-05-25Corsair New Orleans, LLC$1,500,000$1,250,000
2018-05-25CourtScribes, Inc.$1,200,000$1,176,260
2018-05-25Crescent Buligo LP$1,350,000$1,350,000
2018-05-25Croupier Prive Private Equity Fund LPIndefinite$35,359,886
2018-05-25Croupier Prive Private Equity Offshore Fund LtdIndefinite$810,311
2018-05-25Cuebiq, Inc.$32,825,845$32,825,845
2018-05-25Cypher Capital LTDIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25Datarista, Inc.$1,000,000$338,820
2018-05-25Diameter Health, Inc.$1,075,000$1,075,000
2018-05-25DSC Meridian Credit Opportunities Offshore Fund Ltd.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25DSC Meridian Credit Opportunities Onshore Fund LPIndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25Enduraphin, Inc.Indefinite$100,000
2018-05-25Enlightenment Capital Solutions Fund III (Cayman), L.P.IndefiniteYet To Sell
2018-05-25EPC Multifamily Partners IV, LLC$100,000,000$1,000,000
2018-05-25Epiris Fund II L.P.Indefinite$97,351,200
2018-05-25Fisher Investments Institutional Group Small Cap Value FundIndefinite$45,194,868
2018-05-25Four Oaks Apt Venture, LLC$5,335,000$50,000
2018-05-25FREG DUBC Associates, LLC$12,317,853$12,317,853
2018-05-25FundersClub Q4A LLC$191,200$191,200
2018-05-25Galactic Fog IP, Inc.$2,000,000$1,325,000
2018-05-25Gameday Gateway, Inc.$1,800,000$830,000
2018-05-25GCB Hops, LLC$2,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25Genesis Capital II LP$600,000,000Yet To Sell
2018-05-25GigaIO Networks, Inc.$5,000,000$2,325,002
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